Aviation Lubricants

Aviation Turbine Oil

Turbine Oil

Spare Parts Pakistan has created unique blends of gas turbine oil, steam turbine oil and hydroelectric turbine oil to protect the parts of even the most high-maintenance machines.

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Aviatoin Piston Oil

Piston Oils

Piston oil of high grade quality are available with Spare parts Pakistan, our oil supports all kinds of piston like; Rectangular Ring, Taper Faced Ring, Internally Beveled or Stepped Ring.

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Aviation Greases

Aviation Grease

Aviation grease are available in many categories, like Wheel Bearing and Engine Accessory Grease. Micro gel thickened, mineral oil base, General Purpose Airframe Grease, synthetic dieter oil base grease, Extreme Temperature Ball and Roller Bearing grease.

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Aviation Hydraulics

Hydraulic Oils

Spare Parts Pakistan provides quality Hydraulic oil for various aviation sector. Our aviation and marine hydraulic fluids are ideal to improve your aircraft’s performance in landing and takeoff, also for all marine ships and cargo carriers.

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Truck Lubricants

Icing Inhibitors

Fuel system icing inhibitor (FSII) is an additive to aviation fuels that acts to prevent the formation of ice crystals, providing relevant security in event of free water contamination in aviation fuel.

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Truck Lubricants

Gear Oil

Another important fluid used in various division is the Gear oil, www.sparepartspakistan.com offers quality Gear oil and lubricant which is vastly used for transmissions and various automobiles like trucks, and other industrial and agricultural machinery.

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Truck Lubricants

Fuel Additives

Fuel additives are used to enhance the efficiency and quality of the machine, it’s a different compound and not a fuel alternative, additives sold as different product. Spare Parts Pakistan lubricant division provide quality of fuel additives for planes, and different types of engines.

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