Marine Lubricants

Navy Vessels Lubricants

Navy Vessels Lubricants

To meet the requirement of government that lubricants for vessel must be environment acceptable and marine life friendly, Spare Parts Pakistan have been producing best hydraulic oil for the deck machinery like cranes, winches,

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fisheries protection vessels

Fisheries Protection Vessels

Our multipurpose fluid oils are the best for Lubrication of fisheries protection vessels. These lubricant of fisheries protection vessels are produced in a way to improve the machinery especially the engine’s parts of vessels as these vessels have to survive

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Fishing Trawlers Lubricants

Fishing Trawlers

Spare Parts Pakistan have produced lubricants for Fishing Trawlers keeping that in mind as these boats and trawlers often operate in severe weather by fisherman. For two stroke and four stroke engine, our quality hydraulic oil.

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Water Craft Lubricants


Mostly watercraft’s engine are designed with two stroke and four stroke. For these watercraft’s, Spare Parts Pakistan introduce the Biodegradable Lubricants, which is the best lubricant for watercraft’s.

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Submarine Lubricants


Submarine is the major part of marine industry and plays a vital role in the defense of country. Spare Parts Pakistan produced best hydraulic oil for submarine which is also fine for overhauling process.

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